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The growth rate of GDP adjusted to income levels (where rich countries are expected to grow less) and expressed relative to the average growth rate of high income countries. World Bank data on GDP per capita, PPP (current international $) were used as the starting point. The growth rate over the last 3-year period (t-3 to t) was calculated where GRa=(At/At-3)^(1/3)-1 and where GRa is the growth rate for country A and At is the GDP per capita data for the year t in country A. Then our adjustment is as follows : ADJa= [GRa-(GRhic - 0,015*log(At-3/hict-3))] * 100, where GRhic is the average growth rate of high-income countries and hict-3 is the average GDP per capita of high-income countries three years ago.

Long-Term Objective

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The long-term objective for this indicator is a value of 5.


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All data presented on this website are based on the publication Sachs, J.D., Lafortune, G., Fuller, G., Drumm, E. (2023). Implementing the SDG Stimulus. Sustainable Development Report 2023. Paris: SDSN, Dublin: Dublin University Press, 2023. 10.25546/102924

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