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The Index measures the contribution of each jurisdiction to financial secrecy, on a scale from 0 (best) to 100 (worst). It is calculated using qualitative data to prepare a secrecy score for each jurisdiction and quantitative data to create a global scale weighting for each jurisdiction according to its share of offshore financial services activity in the global total. For countries with multiple jurisdictions, the average score of the jurisdictions was used.

Long-Term Objective

Average of best performers

The long-term objective for this indicator is a value of 42.7.


This indicator is used for OECD countries only.


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All data presented on this website are based on the publication Sachs, J.D., Lafortune, G., Fuller, G., Drumm, E. (2023). Implementing the SDG Stimulus. Sustainable Development Report 2023. Paris: SDSN, Dublin: Dublin University Press, 2023. 10.25546/102924

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