Sub-Saharan Africa

Policy Efforts

Every year, the SDSN mobilizes its global network of experts to track public statements by governments and the strategic use of public practices in support of the SDGs. Since 2018, this information has been collected through the SDSN survey on national coordination and implementation mechanisms at the central/federal level of government. The 2021 results for Nigeria are shown below.

The survey was conducted in February 2021. For details, see section 3.1 of the report: Political leadership and policy environment.

Voluntary National Reviews

When did the government complete a voluntary national review (VNR)?

2017 and 2020

High-level statement

Did the government issue an official statement endorsing the implementation of the SDGs?


SDG strategy/action plan

Are the SDGs being integrated into sectoral action plans or an overarching strategy?


SDGs in national budget

Are the SDGs mentioned in the latest central or federal budget document?

Yes, as a dedicated section or budget line(s)

National SDG monitoring

Have national indicators been identified to monitor the implementation of the SDGs?

Yes, 230 indicators have been identified

Designated lead unit

Is there a lead government unit for the coordination and implementation of the SDGs across ministries?


Citizens' assembly for the SDGs or PCA

Did the government put in place a citizens’ assembly to deliberate on the SDGs or Paris Climate Agreement?


SDGs in national COVID-19 recovery plan

Are the SDGs mentioned in the government’s main COVID-19 recovery plan?

No. There is a COVID-19 recovery plan, but the SDGs are not mentioned.